Welcome to Ict Galaxy

This website will be use to easily aggregate information about the Ict project of the IOTA foundation. It will mainly consist in tutorials, lists of IXI modules, useful links and other resources. This very basic current version will be enhanced in the following weeks (hopfully).


A tutorial for the install process of IOTA Ict using an all-in-one installer script can be found on medium. It is currently up to date with the installation and management of Ict 0.5.1 through the web interface.


Report.ixi website: https://www.ictreport.com/

Network visualizers :

IXI modules list

Official modules (developped by the IOTA foundation)

Name Description Repository Version Compatibility Ict 0.5.1
Chat.ixi This IXI module allows users in the Ict network to exchange messages on a permissionless, distributed data-integrity protocol - the Tangle. iotaledger/chat.ixi 1.4 YES
Graph.ixi Links arbitrary data with any number of other data pieces. iotaledger/graph.ixi ? ?
Timestamping.ixi This IXI module helps to find the confidence interval of the time at which a transaction was issued with reasonable accuracy. iotaledger/timestamping.ixi ? ?
Ictinder.ixi Automatic node peering In development ? ?
EC.ixi Consensus through Economic Clustering In development ? ?

Commercial modules (developped by companies)

Name Description Repository Version Compatibility Ict 0.5.1
Paracosm.ixi This IXI module will handle the paracosm universe data. IN DEVELOPMENT - -

Commuinity-based modules

Name Description Repository Version Compatibility Ict 0.5.1
Report.ixi This IXI module collects transaction metrics in order to provide extra services such as visualizers and monitoring tools. trifel/Report.ixi 0.5.2 YES
Zeromq.ixi ZMQ subscription service for ICT node (IOTA) https://gitlab.com/Stefano_Core/iota-ixi-zeromq ? ?
sense-hat.ixi Displays TXs on Raspberry SensHat led pannel. jul1to/sense-hat.ixi ? ?
Poker.ixi A poker game running on Ict. ixuz/Poker.ixi In development -

Module ideas

Recollection of various ideas discussed on IOTA’s Discord server. No one is actually developping those actively.

Name Description
PiGPIO.ixi IXI to interact with raspberry pi’s GPIO to post data on Ict or change GPIO data based on Ict input.